White Ruffle Top & High-Waisted Denim

White Ruffle Top & High-Waisted Denim

I’ve never been much of a ruffle type of girl but this white ruffle top by Storets really got me. I paired it with my current favorite pair of distressed high-waisted denim and these comfortable gold mules. A simple yet chic outfit for a warm Spring day filled with meetings and several coffee shop stops in Upper West Side, NYC.

There’s no bigger sign that warm weather is on the way than the sudden urge to get a venti iced coffee and accomplish all of your goals. Even though I live in NYC now I’m still a true Starbucks lover and have lately  been constantly getting iced cinnamon macchiatos with almond milk. What’s your favorite coffee drink at the moment??

That day I had a couple of meeting to help secure some exciting travel opportunities for the year. If there’s one thing I could do right now that would bring me the most joy would be to pack my bags and travel to somewhere new. Traveling sets my soul on fire. It reaches parts of me I didn’t know existed. It challenges me in every way possible and exposes me to some of the most amazing individuals I’ll ever meet. At this point in my life I have nothing holding me back from exploring what’s out there. I have no husband or children to take care of, my job is working for myself doing what I love, and at the age of 23 my only priority in life right now is to just live a life worth living. I moved to New York 7 months ago with only one goal and that was to accomplish all of my dreams, so why not start doing that now… one plane ticket at time I guess. Adios. 

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