Travel Diaries: Arizona

Travel Diaries: Arizona
“Actually, the best gift you could’ve given her was a life of adventures.” – Lewis Carroll

Early June I got the chance to explore Phoenix, Arizona with several of my travel gals from New York City. I’ve been to Arizona once before (it was to party during college) but this was my first time really exploring and diving into what makes it the largest urban desert state in the country. With so much history to offer you have to travel to Arizona!

We got to stay at the luxurious 5 star Royal Palms Resort and Spa in Phoenix and it was divine. Everywhere you turned you felt like you were in different part of the world, from Italy to Spain to South America. The architecture was just as beautiful as Phoenix itself. We each had our own casita, which is a bungalow-style room. It was bigger than my room here in New York… but what isn’t really?? On our first night we were welcomed with a bottle of champagne and a lovely dinner at T. Cooks. The resort offered every amenity possible and had an amazing pool, fitness center, and spa. I would definitely recommend staying there if you’re in Phoenix!

During our trip we got a private tour of the David Wright House. If you’re unfamiliar with Frank Lloyd Wright he was one of America’s greatest architects. Designing over 1,000 structures, Wright truly paved the way for creating places that were in harmony with their environment. Every structure demonstrates great detail and character. Getting private tours of the Wright house was both fascinating and unforgettable. We also got the chance to visit the Heard Museum, went on a helicopter ride over Phoenix, and had a dessert photo shoot at Taliesin West!

As with any of my travel diaries I collect a journal of photos to capture memories, feelings, and experiences! I hope this inspires you guys to travel the world and never stop seeking and growing…

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Photography: Lisa Richov.


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