Three Outfits I Wore This Week

Three Outfits I Wore This Week
Oh chilly New York, you make it almost impossible to look cute while staying warm. But with every winter that passes I get more used to dressing for this weather and have acquired some tips on how to stay stylish during the winter. Here are three outfits I wore this week and how to layer appropriately with each one…

Outfit One:

Sometimes I love a New York City, over-the-top kinda outfit. Sometimes I love a classic and simple look. It mainly depends on my mood but here I decided to opt for a more tailored, West Coast girl type of look. Even though the 75 degree California weather has no comparison to the 10 degrees NYC is currently experiencing it’s the effort that counts right?? The main focus of this outfit is the structured boyfriend blazer that I paired with these distressed black jeans, j’adore tee, cat-eye sunglasses, and sock booties. A blazer is just not enough during the winter in New York so I wore my faux fur coat on top as well.

J’ADORE Tee // White Sunglasses // Jeans // Boyfriend Blazer // Sock Booties

Outfit Two:

This day was very chilly. We’re talking numbing. So I had to layer as much as possible and a cute scarf definitely helps tie an outfit together while also protecting you from the cold. I wore another coat over my bomber jacket when I had to walk around the city because it was that cold. I just took it off when inside and for these photos! This New York tee is totally my vibe. Definitely taking it with me when going to L.A. next month. 

New York Tee // White Scarf // Bomber Jacket // Straight Crop Jeans // Crystal Sneakers

Outfit Three:

Getting dressed up is all fun and stuff but sometimes a casual look is totally my mood. Comfy joggers are my favorite for both at home and when running errands around Manhattan. To still keep this look stylish I wore these statement sneakers and black bomber jacket. After all I do live in New York and this is really as casual as it can get.

Bomber Jacket // Joggers // Tube Top // Crystal Sneakers


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