The Brooklyn Bridge at Sunset

The Brooklyn Bridge at Sunset
“Into the wild I go… losing myself and finding my soul.”

My oh my… the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset is probably one of the most magical and soul sparking things I have ever seen.

What is life after all if we don’t live it to the fullest?? Why stay in one place all your life and live a life full of comfort? For most the answer is simple: because it’s safe. Well I think safe is boring and quite frankly a waste of human life. We should always be growing, learning, and striving to be better. If we never take risks, step out of our comfort zone, and explore the unknown, then we can’t ever truly be growing the way we should be. Yes we’ll go through life and learn from certain experiences and hardships, but we won’t ever be that much more different or unique than everyone else around us.

Everyday we’re surrounded by hundreds of people who’ve never truly followed their dreams, moved somewhere new and unpredictable, quit their 9 to 5 job for something more satisfying, or even know what it feels like to be different. The thought of being different scares most because different is seen as bad and that’s wrong. I’ve always seen different as a strength because it exemplifies courage and confidence. No two people on this planet are the same yet we all seem similar because we conform to a “norm” to not stand out and be deemed “different/bad.” If you’re okay with standing apart from the average then you’ve accepted who you truly are and are confident enough to have those “differences” identify you.

“The journey of a thousand begins with one step.”

“I travel because I need to… because my wild, adventurous spirit can’t live according to the “norm.” I travel to regroup, to reinvent myself, to be the best me I can be, to find joy in the ordinary and peace in exploring. I travel to be.” 

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To live a life of happiness, success, and content, we must always be trying something new. This is why I think traveling is the best thing you can buy yourself. Yes, I often want to work really hard and buy myself a new designer bag or pair of heels. But honestly that only brings me temporary satisfaction. Nothing like going somewhere new, meeting new people, and learning from other cultures. Throwing myself into a lifestyle completely different than my own allows me to learn so much about myself because I realize that the way I see and do things isn’t really a universal norm.

My soul always aches for the next adventure, for the next packed suitcase and airplane ticket. But unfortunately I can’t always go where my imagination takes me at the snap of my finger so instead I come to this magical place… the Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge at sunset is like no other. There’s something about the energy here, much like that of all of New York City, that makes my mind wander, explore, question, and imagine. If you ever visit New York make sure to come here, not when it’s crazy busy and packed with tourists, but when the sun is coming up or going down because it’s empty then and the energy is simply unimaginable. The way the city lights light up, the cars drive by loudly and robustly, people are chatting in the distance, I just can’t explain it. You can to come and experience it for yourself.

I want to go here next. What about you??


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  1. May 28, 2017 / 7:51 am

    Such a lovely ode to the Brooklyn Bridge. It truly recharged your mind, your energy and your life – a New York sunrise.

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