Sunday’s in Upper East Side

Sunday’s in Upper East Side

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! Today I spent some time in Upper East Side styling clients and then decided to take some time for myself and explore this amazing city some more. I absolutely love Upper East Side and it has always been a goal of mine to have a penthouse there with breathtaking views of Central Park. But who wouldn’t have a dream like that?!

All of my family is either in Seattle or back home in Bulgaria so I didn’t do too much for Easter. I’m completely solo here in New York City and I’m totally okay with that because I’m truly the exact opposite of a homebody. The further I wander away from home the more I push myself to grow because stepping out of my comfort zones helps me grow and explore life’s boundaries.

Wanderlust: a strong desire to travel and explore the world. 

I spent almost four hours walking around the city today. I feel like there’s so much to see in that I won’t ever have enough time to see it all. It’s so easy to get lost and lose track of time. Walking here is probably the best exercise I get especially when the weather is nice. This city also has some of the best coffee shops with the best lattes so it is truly addicting.

After a long day I’m finally home catching up on emails, finishing up projects, and watching the newest episode of Prison Break. Some people love Friends, others love Sex and the City, but I’m obsessed with Prison Break. I’ve watched each season at least five times and after eight years season five is finally out!! I seriously cannot stop watching this show because I love how intellectually stimulating it is. I really never know what to expect next and love that! T.V. nowadays is so predictable which is why I never watch it anymore because I always feel like it’s a waste of time. So when I get into a show like this it speaks a lot. If you guys haven’t seen it yet you have to watch it!

P.S. have you read my 4 page spread in the latest issue of Bite Magazine?! Still pinching myself… read the full interview about my journey as a pre-law college student turned fashion influencer here.

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My jacket is from Elizabeth Roberts! A lovely business woman and designer I met back home when I was visiting family and friends in Seattle.

Photos by Laurel Creative


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