Green Suede Jacket

Green Suede Jacket
Just found this green suede jacket hiding in the back of my closet… nothing new when you own more clothes than you’ll ever need.

This green suede jacket is the perfect transition piece from your dark winter wardrobe to a fresher and brighter spring look. I paired it with my favorite black lace silk cami, dark high-waisted jeans, and black peep-toe booties. I cannot tell you how excited I am for warm weather, rooftop parties in the city, and not having to wear 10 layers. Today was one of the warmest days in New York City thus far this year and it was amazing to say the least. Being busy all day running between meetings and jobs isn’t as bad when the sun is shining bright and you’re sipping on a venti iced latte.

Speaking of sunshine, last week I booked a last minute trip to Florida for later this month… this girl is ready for a nice tan. I’m a firm believer that one of the best accessories to any look is a gorgeous golden glow! It seriously makes everyone look so much better. Can’t wait to escape the big city life for several days and lay on the beach all day where my only worry is what cocktail to drink and which bikini to wear. Till then I have plenty of things to check off my  to-do list and several more big projects to shoot. Sighhh. Time to refuel with more caffeine.

Photos by Laurel Creative


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