Favorite NYC Lunch and Coffee Spots

Favorite NYC Lunch and Coffee Spots

Amongst a lot of things that New York City is known for its food has to be at the top of the list. I am a huge fan of breakfast and lunch food and can eat it all day. And don’t get me started on coffee… if you know me you know that I’m a huge caffeine addict. Finding delicious New York City lunch and coffee spots was a must for me when I moved to the city, especially picturesque ones. 

What I love about New York is that there are countless rooftop and outdoor restaurants and hangout spots. It makes a huge difference when it’s warm outside and you can find yourself on almost any street and have plenty of options for a tasty lunch or a quick snack while still enjoying the sun outside. Coming from Seattle that never really was an option because it would rain there all the time so establishments never really invested in having outdoor areas. Another reason why I’m so glad I moved to this magical city is for the food and rooftop/outdoor cafes. 

Here are my top five favorite NYC lunch and coffee spots at the moment:

1. Bluestone Lane 

(Pictured here: dark forest waffle, Brekkie board, iced latte, and a set of their three most popular lattes)

2. Ludlow Coffee Supply

(The coffee here is really great! I love getting an iced latte with almond milk and a dash of caramel if I feel like treating myself.)

3. Miss Paradis

(EVERYTHING at this place is simply amazing… you can’t really beat simple and fresh ingredients that are used to make beautifully crafted dishes)

4. Laduree

(Everyone knows of this place. You’ve seen it in the movies, magazines, every blogger’s Instagram feed. Laduree is the epitome of a true French cafe. Everything is mouth-watering delicious and I feel like I need to run 10 miles after I leave because I have no self control when I’m there.)

5. Rosemary’s

(Loveeee this place. From the drinks, to the pasta, to the Happy Hour. It’s a must visit on a warm New York day when you want to just sit outside and catch-up with friends over tasty food and drinks!)


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