Fall Style: Cozy Orange Sweater

Fall Style: Cozy Orange Sweater
Sweater weather is officially making its way to New York City.

Summer is definitely my favorite season but nothing can beat the feeling of wearing warm and cozy layers on a crisp fall morning and sipping on a toasty latte. Summer is all about bright colors, tanned skin, and wearing the tinniest bikini. Fall on the other hand is all about wearing lots of layers, dark colors, and shall I be basic and say… PSL (pumpkin spice lattes for those of you that don’t know). With Halloween right around the corner what better way to welcome fall style than with a chunky and cozy orange sweater!

Shop the pieces here:

“Fall style: black jeans, layers on layers, cashmere everything, wool coats, leather leggings, black nail polish, chunky sweaters, leather jackets, suede skirts.”

I recently spotted this orange sweater on a mannequin while roaming 5th Ave and knew I had to have it. Never thought I’d be saying this because I own nothing orange in my closet but I also always manage to somehow surprise myself. I might as well continue this moment since I’m already stepping out of my comfort zone sand pair it with my leopard booties, light-washed jeans, and white round sunglasses. This is definitely not my typical fall style as it’s missing a lot of black and leather… but I kinda like it. What do you guys think???


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