About Me

I’m a workaholic because I’m a shopaholic.

My name’s Gergana Ivanova. I’m a fashion influencer, creative content developer, social media strategist, and the founder and editor of Fashion is my Forte. Born in Bulgaria, grew up in Seattle, and now living in New York City to follow my dreams and find my purpose in life. In a world filled with unhappy people who are dissatisfied with their lives, careers, and regret missing out on all of the opportunities and risks they wish they took, I want to be the odd one out. Ten years from now I want to be at the exact spot, if not higher, that I dreamed of being when I was ten years younger. I want to inspire other boss babes out there to build the lives they want to live. I hope you join me on this journey as I chase my dreams one new outfit at a time!

 “I want a life less ordinary. I want to love. I want to take risks, be open-minded, be strong enough to follow my dreams, and confident enough to not listen to what anyone else thinks” – Gergana Ivanova