2018: A Better Me Is Coming

2018: A Better Me Is Coming
With each day, month, and year that passes I am changing and growing. Sometimes it’s hard, really hard, and sometimes it’s not. I have days where I feel 100 emotions all at once and others where I feel nothing at all. However, with strength I can say that everything I’ve experienced thus far has turned me into the woman I am today. A lot has changed in 2017 and all I know is that in 2018 a better me is coming. But for now, here’s to all of the amazing moments of 2017…
  • I experienced many firsts in New York City like my first winter, my first SS NYFW, and my first apartment in Manhattan.
  • I traveled to Thailand, Canada, Cuba, Aruba, Arizona, Florida, Virginia and Washington
  • My fashion week street style photo became the official Snapchat discover NYFW SS 18 cover photo
  • I picked up a strict workout routine after not going to the gym in like months… more like years. So far so good. Have not given up yet!
  • I became a full-time blogger. This is probably one of my biggest milestones in my career thus far because it was one of my main goals when moving to New York City and I somehow made it happen. Still pinching myself every day.
  • August 20th, 2017 I hit my one year anniversary since moving to NYC.
  • I stayed in the Hamptons during the summer. I’ve always wanted to go and finally got the chance to now that I live here!
  • I went on a helicopter ride and a hot air ballon ride.
  • I got to work with some of my favorite brands in the world and was able to get a better understanding of my brand, audience, and where I want to take Fashion is my Forte. 
  • I got invited to London Fashion Week but wasn’t able to go because I was in Thailand working with a resort instead.
  • I signed with Wilhelmina NYC.
  • I was able to really experience and understand why finding real relationships in New York is one of the hardest things about this city.
  • I started focusing more on my YouTube channel and have been vlogging pretty consistently!

If you know me well then you know that New Years is my favorite holiday. Not to be cliche but I love the energy it gives me. I’m a very spiritual person and every New Years I feel relieved, relaxed, and refreshed for the next chapter in my life.

2017 was my first full year in New York City. All by myself, following my dreams and goals. The main reason why I moved to New York was to feel and experience life. I wanted to put myself completely out of my comfort zone so that I can truly test who I am and what I’m capable of. I learned that I can be friends with almost anyone but almost everyone will not have my back. I learned that a true test to success is if can you keep pushing even though everything is acting against you. I learned that that some of the most life changing moments in your life happen when you least expect them.

But one of the biggest things I’ve learned is to not be apologetic of who I am. I don’t waste my time trying to get others to understand me. You either vibe with my energy or you don’t. I surround myself only with people who feel my energy like it’s their own. Relationships like that just carry less arguments, explanations, and negativity. Negativity is the first thing that I’m saying goodbye to in 2018.

I also finally understood how to let go of what really was never mine. We all think we know how to do this but in reality we don’t because it’s one of the hardest things to do. I only realized how to do it when wholeheartedly and confidently knew who I was. When you know your worth and what you want in life you have no room for anyone that doesn’t meet your standards. Never, ever lower your standards. No one is worth it. Let them go because someone much better is coming. Trust in the universe. People hold onto things that aren’t good for them because it’s comfortable and safe. I strongly believe that security is one of the biggest prohibitors of achieving a level of happiness and success that mainstream society never experiences. Don’t hold yourself back by avoiding the unknown.

I’ve gone through a lot of friends in just my one year of living in this city. Mainly because I hold my friends to the same standards I hold myself. If you’re in love with comfort more than the goal of living your best life then being around that energy holds me back and I have no shame in walking away from that.

With that being said, here’s to an amazing 2017 but an even better 2018! Cannot wait to see what we all accomplish next year. I am forever thankful for each and every one of you that constantly supports me.

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